NRS Rio Paddle Jacket

Best for cooler weather trips or for people who get cold easily. Pull-over style, which means no zipper for water to seep in. Wind proof, durable urethane-coated 210 denier nylon oxford, cut big to allow layering for extra warmth. Features a hood, which most paddle jackets do not have. Snug soft neoprene neck and wrist closures, also a drawstring at bottom hem works well to help keep water out.


NRS Rio Paddle Pants

This wind and water proof pant will keep you dry and greatly reduce the effects of evaporative cooling. Durable urethane-coated 210 denier nylon oxford, cut slightly big to allow layering for extra warmth. Features shock cord waist fastens with a barrel-lock and elastic ankle closure. No pockets that allow water in! See NRS for more information on this product.


On The Brink of Shards

Wild, windswept mesas and deep, dark canyons are the setting for this epic prehistorical novel, set in the Colorado Plateau area and Eastern Grand Canyon region, as the ancient Hisatsinom (Anasazi) and Toltec cultures were teetering on the edge of collapse. Follow the story of Kaiya, the strong young protagonist, seer and healer, and her journey through loss, magic, knowledge, power and joy, as she works to save her people from disaster. This book portrays the dramatic changes happening in the American Southwest more than a thousand years ago and resonates with the modern changes in the region today. For our rafting guests experiencing the vivid scenery and archeological sites in this eastern region of Grand Canyon, this story brings insight and curiosity into what life may have been like for the ancient ones who made this area their home. 
This is the debut novel of Nancy Rivest Green, who is a long time AzRA employee and past school teacher at Grand Canyon National park.


Stalking the Wild Dragonfly

By Nancy Rivest Green 
"Animal stories have wide appeal, and most people have a few tales of their own to tell. Here the author shares a unique persepective drawn from a lifetime of living in national parks with her rander husband, in addition to her travels to wilderness areas all over the planet. Come alone on these intimate discoveries and reflections immersed in their landscapes. Nancy Rivest Green describes her personal encounters with wildlife in nature and presents scientific research on each creature for greater understanding. Wilderness is also a character in these stories of top-tier species- some of which are sliding toward the brink of extinction."


W Finest Adventures L/S Tee

Pink Peached long sleeve shirt. 100% cotton. Runs small.


Grey L/S Waffle Tee

Runs small


The Good Life S/S Tee

Purple Peached short sleeve shirt. 100% cotton. Runs small.