Adventures of Salt and Soap

By Lori April Rome 
The Adventures of Salt and Soap at Grand Canyon is the true story of two puppies who wandered into the Grand Canyon and experienced great adventures—multiple rim-to-river hikes, a river trip and a helicopter ride—while ultimately snuggling their way into park rangers’ hearts. Salt and Soap didn’t know they weren’t allowed below the rim of the Grand Canyon—they were just puppies! Their curiosity and love of human companionship carried them through rugged hikes, riverside camping in a violent thunderstorm, the unpredictable rapids of the mighty Colorado River, ranger patrols at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon, a harrowing helicopter ride back to the rim, and a new life on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Told with compassion and a sense of wonder by the park ranger who adopted the pups, this one-of-a-kind canine adventure tale reveals the kindness of strangers, the ruggedness of the Grand Canyon, and the joy two wiggly, perpetually happy puppies can bring to everyone they encounter.


An Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology

By C. Greer Price 
A comprehensive yet accessible look at the cultures of those who have inhabited the Grand Canyon for the past 12,000 years. With a focus on how they lived and on the traces they have left behind, this heavily illustrated book opens up their ancient world to modern readers. Also included are chapters of the architecture of prehistoric Pueblo people and on the lifeways of Native American tribes who occupy the region today. An Introduction to Grand Canyon Prehistory provides a fascinating portrait of Grand Canyon's ancient past.


Breaking into the Current

Written by AzRA guide Louise Teal 
Profiling eleven of the first full-season Grand Canyon boatwomen, Breaking into the Current weaves together various experiences in their own words. Each woman tells a part of every Canyon boatwoman's story: when Marilyn Sayre talks about leaving the Canyon, when Ellen Tibbets speaks of crew camaraderie, or when Martha Clark recalls the thrill of white water, each tells how all were involved in the same romance. All the boatwomen have stories to tell of how they first came to the Canyon and why they stayed. Some speak of how they balanced their passion for being in the Canyon against the frustration of working in a traditionally male-oriented occupation, where today women account for about fifteen percent of the Canyon's commercial river guides. As river guides in love with the Canyon and their work, these women have followed their hearts. 
“This book transcends gender even as it addresses it, and belongs in every river runner’s library,” says Verne Huser of Paddler Magazine. Louise Teal, an AzRA guide for over 20 years, gathered stories from the first female guides who began working in the early 1970′s. Breaking into the Current is definitely a fan favorite."


Canyon of Dreams

Long recognized as one of North America’s premier natural wonders—The Grand Canyon—has long evoked our imagination and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on all who have encountered its colorful vistas and mysterious landscapes. Stories of the canyon’s earliest inhabitants to its modern day travelers are as varied and deep as the canyon itself. 
Learn how Roger Miller's famous song "King of the Road" had its origin at Grand Canyon and the details of the 1960's Apollo astronauts hike into the canyon to learn geology in preparation for lunar explorations. Here you can find the true story and tragic ending of Brighty the burro, who inspired a classic children's novel and read about William Randolph Hearst’s fight against the National Park Service and how the dispute served as a pivotal moment in the much broader struggle between promoters of wilderness conquest and those advocating for preservation. If you have ever heard of "lost Egyptian tombs" in the canyon, you can find out how this myth got it's start with a 1909 newspaper hoax. This eclectic compilation runs the gamut from the idiosyncratic to the landmark, the mythical to the empirical, and everything in between. 
Author and historian Don Lago's research is impeccable and he has dug up some some of the more interesting and unknown aspects of the canyon's history. These tales of obscure happenings in and around the Canyon will most likely be new information, even to people who may know the place well. Few writers are as steeped in the Canyon as Don--and his dedication shows on every page..and he writes deeply of a place so many love and love to learn about. The narratives are captivating and sure to appeal to readers interested in the Grand Canyon’s long and complex history.


Down the Great Unknown

by Edward Dolnick 
This well-written non-fiction work is based not only on Maj. Powell's diaries, but also those kept by some of his men on the Powell Expedition in 1869. Dolnick does a masterful job of combining a broad-spectrum of history (Civil War, Manifest Destiny, railroad expansion) in a way that highlights and compliments the Grand Canyon expedition without overwhelming it. This book is based on detailed historical accounts of Powell’s journey from notes, journals, interviews and factual information gathered through hundreds of hours of research. Down The Great Unknown, is a well researched account of Powell’s journey, his teams’ personal lives and the newspaper stories that gripped a nation and brought worldwide attention to the Grand Canyon. Dolnick regularly breaks narrative to offer a modern take on many of the rapids by experienced boatmen. The science of the book--from flowing rivers to the rocks of the canyons--is enough to recommend this book to anyone setting out to explore the Southwest, especially if they plan to go rafting there.


G is for Grand Canyon

By Barbara Gowen 
Discover Arizona and its colorful heritage, rich Native American culture, and unique natural history. Colorfully illustrated, this book introduces children to the diversity of Arizona from the saguaro cactus and ridgenose rattlesnake to the Heard Museum and Meteor Crater.


Grand Canyon & Other Poems

Grand Canyon and other Selected Poems by Amil Quayle 
Amil Quayle beautifully reflects his intimate experience and knowledge of the Grand Canyon, having rafted through the Canyon for most of his life. Now in his 70’s, Amil still is running the river and sharing his vivid and entertaining stories.


On The Brink of Shards

Wild, windswept mesas and deep, dark canyons are the setting for this epic prehistorical novel, set in the Colorado Plateau area and Eastern Grand Canyon region, as the ancient Hisatsinom (Anasazi) and Toltec cultures were teetering on the edge of collapse. Follow the story of Kaiya, the strong young protagonist, seer and healer, and her journey through loss, magic, knowledge, power and joy, as she works to save her people from disaster. This book portrays the dramatic changes happening in the American Southwest more than a thousand years ago and resonates with the modern changes in the region today. For our rafting guests experiencing the vivid scenery and archeological sites in this eastern region of Grand Canyon, this story brings insight and curiosity into what life may have been like for the ancient ones who made this area their home. 
This is the debut novel of Nancy Rivest Green, who is a long time AzRA employee and past school teacher at Grand Canyon National park.


Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon

Ghiglieri- Myers 
The authors of this gripping book, are veterans with decades of adventures rafting and hiking in Grand Canyon and have compiled fascinating accounts of the 550 people who have met untimely deaths in Grand Canyon. These intense stories of adventurers starting with Major Powell, to early pioneers to tourists visiting the rim in modern times are full of history and characters, educating the reader about the history of Grand Canyon in the process of their telling. These unfortunate misadventures, ultimately serve the reader with life savings lessons, spiced with a humorous twist on what would otherwise be morbid tales of misfortune. Do you know what the number one cause of death in Grand Canyon is? You would be surprised! Read this enthralling book to find the answer.


Stalking the Wild Dragonfly

By Nancy Rivest Green 
"Animal stories have wide appeal, and most people have a few tales of their own to tell. Here the author shares a unique persepective drawn from a lifetime of living in national parks with her rander husband, in addition to her travels to wilderness areas all over the planet. Come alone on these intimate discoveries and reflections immersed in their landscapes. Nancy Rivest Green describes her personal encounters with wildlife in nature and presents scientific research on each creature for greater understanding. Wilderness is also a character in these stories of top-tier species- some of which are sliding toward the brink of extinction."


Sunk Without A Sound

by Brad Dimock 
On November 18, 1928, Glen and Bessie Hyde launched on the final leg of their honeymoon voyage through Grand Canyon. Their cumbersome wooden sweep scow was found upright and fully loaded three weeks later, but despite exhaustive searches, Glen and Bessie had vanished without a trace. Or had they? In the years since, four people appearing to be either Glen or Bessie have emerged, each with a tale implying murder and mayhem. Author and AzRA boatman Brad Dimock has unearthed the true story of the Hydes, followed each tale to its source, and gone so far as to retrace the Hydes’ fateful voyage in a replica of their archaic scow.


The Doing of The Thing

Written by Dimock, Welch and Conley 
The fascinating and enigmatic story of one of Grand Canyon’s early river runner characters, Buzz Holstrom, who made the first solo run in Grand Canyon and was also the first to run all the rapids in the canyon on his solo trip. The author, Brad Dimock, is one of AzRA’s full time guides in the canyon.


The Emerald Mile

THE EMERALD MILE, by Kevin Fedarko This book has been the winner of the National Outdoor Book Awards and also has made the top 10 New York Times best sellers Travel Books for Sept 2014! 
It is the fascinating story of an epic river adventure in the summer of 1983, when 3 fearless men made history by becoming the fastest trip though Grand Canyon. They accomplished this feat by running their dory boat day and night on the highest water to run in recent times through the heart of the abyss. 
Read this comprehensive review or see this video for more detail


The Exploration of the Colorado

By John Wesley Powell 
A river runner classic! This great novel features a journey down the Green and Colorado Rivers and through the Grand Canyon written by legendary pioneer John Wesley Powell. This 1874 classic includes Powell's observations about the terrain and its Native American inhabitants, attacks, mutiny, stories about dangerous rapids along with reproductions of the original line drawings. 
The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons was recently ranked number four on Adventure magazine’s list of top 100 classics.


The Very Hard Way

Bert Loper was born in 1869 the very day that Major John Wesley Powell discovered the confluence of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers. Loper spent much of his life devoted to those two streams. By the time he died at his oars in a Grand Canyon rapid at eighty, he had covered more river, run more boats, and known more rivermen than anyone. Written by AzRA River Guide Brad Dimock!


There's This River

There’s This River by Christa Sadler 
An anthology of stories and artwork produced entirely by the river guiding community of Grand Canyon. Often hilarious, sometimes bittersweet and always entertaining, these true tales tell the stories of a landscape, a lifestyle and a unique community. If you liked the stories your guide entertained you with, you will love these classics!


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